Do you believe that black people have are suffering from “double or dual consciousness”; or should we be looking at newer terms in reference to the psychological state of Africans in america. I tend to believe that post the Black Power Movement and intergration there seems to be more of the “unconscious” African, who is hell bent on full assimilation and disconnecting from their African heritage. I don’t see that as a struggle with duality; thoughts?

There is no double or dual consciousness, I think that concept was a mislabeling of a mental illness/mental corruption that is spawned by constant abuse, trauma, and the failure to acknowledge and treat the trauma we have been subjected to for generations.

You are correct in your conclusion that a person is either Conscious or Unconscious/or suffering from a warped consciousness, but there’s no dual consciousnesses; that’s just sugarcoating for those who don’t want to admit that they are warped.

Like Kwame Ture stated; “you are either with your people are against your people, there is no in between.” The false concept of Dual Consciousness allows New Negros to pretend that they can be both, that they can go back and forth at will; but this is not true.