Message to the WhiteMan (and Woman too):

It is amazing to me that White people believe that the Elite who directly slaughter, or create the conditions in which millions of Africans, and other non-Whites die, for no other reason that a few extra percentage points on their quarterly profit reports, actually give a damn about their lives.

The White masses really imagine that sharing a common (lack of) skin color and racial heritage with the Global Elite will spare them the fate of the rest of humanity under this Nuclear Powered, Global Capitalist, White Empire.

Somebody needs to remind Bubba and Becky that the first victims of White genocidal aggression, enslavement, and degradation were other White people, and yall may very well be its final victims; if not you, then your children and grandchildren.

So, you can continue to sell-out the rest of humanity and the biosphere in exchange for McMansions in the Exurbs, or Hipster Lofts in a Gentrified Urban Hood, and access to all the (3rd World Sweatshop produced) goods you can fit into your homes and rented Storage Spaces, but yall are gonna feel the bite sooner than later.

Just keep on voting your Racial Affiliation over your Class Status, keep on pretending that you have all that you do because you are more moral and harder working than the undeserving non-White masses, and you will have your ass right back in Serfdom, you will get a real taste of what your ancestors endured in the Dark Ages.

Keep resting on White Privilege and Institutional Racism, while you deny their existence, and you are gonna find out what being under the boot of White Oppression really feels like.

I don’t really have faith that there will ever be enough “Good Whites” to counter the agenda of your Racist, Genocidal, Imperialist bredren, but at the very least yall can start to be honest with yourselves and the rest of humanity.