Negro Please: Montel Williams Edition.

Some body tell Montel Williams that the Government has more than 100
years of documented history of shutting down Black organizations and
their facilities, even shooting up our gathering spaces and killing or
exiling our leaders; from the The Universal Negro Improvment Assoction to the The Black Panther Party.  

Tell Uncle Montel that Stop and frisk has been forcing Blacks to carry ID cards or be detained and searched for more than 30 decades, and the Black Codes have been in effect for much longer longer.  Somebody buy that fool a copy of The New Jim Crow!

Oh, and tell that bald-headed fool that COINTELPRO
was exposed long before he was in the Air Force advancing the interest
of the US empire in the Third World; and coming to schools in the
inner-city recruiting Black youth into the US armed forces; bragging to
them that “gang-bangers shoot up houses, but the Air Force will take out
entire neighborhoods.” (Yeah, he said that shit, contact him and ask

So Montel was down with the Government long after it was
exposed shutting down Black gathering spaces and IDing innocent Black

My Muslim Brothers and Sisters, don’t hold yall breath
waiting for Uncle Montell to show up strapped up ready to take on the
Oppressors; cuz if he ain’t down for his own people, chances are that he
ain’t really down to fight against your Religious persecution either.  

We fucking carry water for all struggles but our own; and I wouldn’t
trust a muthafucka who can abandon his own family to feed and support my
family; naw; can’t trust it.