Flags Down, Oppression Continues, What Now?

Now that more Black people are dying in custody, dying at the hands
of White Aggressors who will not face justice; what symbols of Racism
will yall target now?

How about Lawn jockeys,
or overalls, a lot of Racist wore overalls in the Deep South during Jim
Crow; should be begin an anti-overall campaign?  Let’s rally to end the
production and distribution of white sheets all together, that way
there would be nothing to make clan robes out of.  We could start a
movement to ban all those Sambo piggy banks, and Mammy cookie jars.

Then there’s the Skinheads, we can work to bar Whites from shaving
their heads, bar them from wearing combat boots and tattoos; cuz Racist
do that shit.  Oh, and ropes and crosses, were those not used for Racist
tools and symbols too?  Then we can graduate to the US Flag, oh, and
what about all the homes (like the White House), rail roads, streets,
and towns build with slave labor, shouldn’t those be torn down too, cuz
they represent racism and slavery.  

We are implementing
ineffective strategies, and targeting symbols of White Aggression
instead of dealing directly with White Power and Black Powerlessness; so
we’ll be kept busy for the next 50 years wasting time trying to purge
the millions of symbols of White Aggression from this society.
like we wasted the last 50+ trying to Integrate into this White Racist
Society.  I’m glad yall have time to waste, I don’t so I’m gonna keep
out off all this Activism, Protest, and Demonstrations.  

Get at me when yall really ready to show the world, and prove to ourselves that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬.