Revolutionary Pan-Africansim: Secure Power & Redirect History.

Just look at…

-the Rise of Islam and the Arab Onslaught
-the European Emergence and the “Age of Exploration.”
-the Imposition of the Global Slave Economy
-the 1st and 2nd Industrial Revolutions
-the Decolonization Era
-the Space Race
-the COINTELPRO Era of Leftist Subversion
-the Emergence of Nuclear Armed Global Superpowers
– Globalization of the Global Capitalist Economy & Globalization
– the Unipolar World of total US Hegemony
-the Emergence of the Digital Age

All of these major Historic Occurrence have two things in common:

1. They literally Changed the World, from geography, to culture, to the world’s ecology and economy.

2. African people were at the bottom of the World’ Power Hierarchy when these Historic Occurrences began, and as they play/ed out.

Africans were forced our of the positions of Power not only in what is not called the World Community, we even lost power in Africa; see: Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. by Chancellor Williams.

There is not shame in this for Africans, the so-called New World brought about by Europeans, Christians, Arabs, and other (historically speaking) late comers to human civilization crated a set of social relations and methodologies that were anathema to the African personality and mentality; so we actually had little change of “succeeding” in the New World of White Domination.

Even as many Africans reject and try or mutate their African mentalities to fit in with Western ways of being, they still can’t manage to meet our surpass their non-African counterparts in adjusting to and succeeding in this current Omnicidal System. At best these mutate Africans (Uncle Toms, New Negros, Sell Outs, Negropeans, etc.)…at best they end up only serving the true White Elite, or being petty imitators of the White Elite, having a fraction of their wealth and none of their power and resources.

Today, right now we are in the early stages of a band new Historical Occurrences, the most deadly of all; Climate change, Peak Resources, Ecological collapse, and Neocolonialism. In this, what’s being called the Post Peak Era, Africa/Africans have entered at the absolute bottom of the Global Power Hierarchy, and we are not making any moves to change that positions.

This New Economic and Ecological Order will present new challenges, but also opportunities for us, but we are still stuck in 20th Century outlooks, tactics, and strategies.

This worst thing is, due to the wide-scale Ecocide, and the near exhaustion of the key resources that we’ve come to depend on there’s a change that Africans will not only remain at the bottom of the economic and power pyramids, we could face total extinction as a people and as a species.

I’m not in the Pan-African Revolution because I have resentment for  Whites, or because I crave power for power’s sake. I’m in this because if we don’t organized to both reassert African Power, and dismantle the systems and institutions of White Domination, it’s over for us, and all complex lifeforms and ecosystems on this planet.

Let’s wake up people and do that job that History and Legacy has put upon us.



(We need serious organizers, not simply activist, conscious, or positive people, but some fully committed organizes and Revolutionaries at this state of the struggle.)