White Allies…


I don’t really understand this “White Ally” shit. Sorry.
Maybe yall Liberals can help me.
First of all, if I don’t know nothing about alliances I know that they are MUTUAL; all parties within an alliance must sacrifice and gain; they must have something to offer and something they are willing to lose.
What do Black people have to offer Whites?  Yall got more power, greater status, social standing, more options, more money, way more money, less risk, less liability, etc.  
What do Whites gain from allying with Blacks? It don’t really make sense.
Also, I don’t see Whites putting up their status, wealth, social standing, or resources down on the table.  White allies at worst take a momentary departure from their comfort to “ally” with Blacks, then yall return to your comfortable positions within the Racial Hierarchy with some really good cocktail party conversation material.  
Another element of alliance is capability and competency.  You don’t team up with people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing or how to do it.  
As far as I know, the White Progressives are the weakest and most ineffective segment of the White Race. Yall stay losing, yall stay compromising, and yall never seem to be able to muster that world renowned White Aggression in the cause of Justice and Liberation.
I see White people drop bombs for colonization, for enslavement, for resource theft, for religious aggression, hell I see Whites engage in just Thrill Killing; so why is it so rear to see Whites killing for Liberation?
Why are the “non-violence” and pacifist Whites the only ones that are willing to ally with victims of White Violence and Oppression?  Even White Killers hang up their guns when they “awaken” and become Allies with their former victims.  Look at groups like Iraqi Veterans Against the War; when they supported the war they killed Iraqis wholesale, why didn’t they use their training and skills to kill those who enacted the illegal war against the Iraqis when they turned against the war?
When in history have Whites used pacifism to do Evil, they only passive when it’s time to do good.  You’ll never see Whites hunger strike until they are allowed to plunder Native Lands, but they go on hunger strike to stop the plunder, why the hell don’t yall use the same methods to stop the plunder that yall use to start the plunder!
But I digress.  
I just hope you good Whites don’t get too upset when I side eye yall alliances because there’s not real reason for yall to do that.
If you White and you don’t like how the System of White Domination treats non-Whites you can disrupt and even destroy that System without even interacting with non-Whites; yall have all the power, information, and resources yall need to bring this shit down today; you don’t need our permission or help, yall never have.  
The only real reason I see for White allies to join non-White efforts against White Domination and Oppression is so that they can monitor and regulate non-White Resistance to White Oppression; and history bears this out, from the Abolitionist Movement, to the Civil Rights Movement, to Black Lives Matter and the Uhuru Movement.
Now, I’ve worked with Whites on shit related to Ecology, Animal Rights, and other Vertical Issues, but I can’t see how it would serve us to do so on Horizontal Issues and causes. Again, sorry.
Now, what I tell Good Whites who seek to ally with me is that “the Systems and Institutions of White Domination are a very serious threat to White people too, you should fight for your own liberation, freeing yourself and fighting your own Elites will demonstrate your allegiance to the rest of humanity way more than your running around the Hood with a #BLM sign around your neck, I swear…., hell running around or moving into the Hood make you a part of the problem, not an ally in solving it.  Again, so fucking sorry.
Anyway, you Black people who do have White allies in the struggle against White Oppression, good for yall, I’m not sure how yall do it, I just can’t rationalize it myself.
Saves yourselves White people, then get back to me.
#WhiteAllies #RaceFirst#BroDiallo