Were the Germans defensive in response to the Allies taking aggressive economic action to isolate a Germany trying to free itself from their financ system? No sense in romanticizing Germany, at least we can recognize all the state powers of that era being cut of the same scummy fabric. Yet Hitler unmistakably initiated. Perhaps his only crime was killing other whites? How to reconcile the accepted narrative? And in what way was Germany’s depravity different from the Allies? More honest perhaps?

No, the root of Germany’s actions in WWII had little to do with economic freedom for Germany.  Even the hyperinflation that plagued Germany in the early 1920 was not the reason for the War, it didn’t even last 5 years!  Hitler came to power a decade after all that.

Germany went to war during WWII for one reason and that’s: Lebensraum! That’s lead, Lebensraum translates to “living space,” in English.  Germany was fighting for the same shit as the British, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and later the Americans, the Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders; and all other White colonial setters states; Hitler was fighting to take other people’s lands, to exterminate the natives, and to enslave those he didn’t kill.  That’s it.

WWII was a White Tribal War, gang war, a conflict between rapist, mass murderers, and thieves, on both sides, who both fought for the same shit.

Hitler did the same shit that all of these other Thug Nations did, he found a vulnerable population to demonize and rally their people against, he didn’t have the Irish like the British had, or the Savage Natives like the British had overseas.  He didn’t have the Niggers and the Savage Natives, and later the Yellow Hoards, and the Cutthroat Mexicans like the Americans did.  He didn’t have the Heathen Arabs like the French, or the Primitive Africans like the French, etc.  Hitler and Germany, after losing WWII (another White Tribal War of theft) Germany lost its colonies, and the other gangs split up their terrorists; just like any other criminal turf war.  

So when Germany wanted to reenter the “Game” they had to created an across-land empire instead of an overseas empire like the British, Spanish, French, Dutch, etc.  Hitler had to do what the American, Israeli, Canadian, and Australian Imperialist did, to expand across to the lands adjacent to his own, waging war, murdering millions, and setting up reservations (aka: concentration camps) to set up his empire.  The Western Europeans were luck, they could do their dirt across oceans, instead of just across borders, which, to this day allows those nations to pretend to be liberal bastions of high minded ideas, like democracy and human rights; but they are as thugged out as Hitler, or the rednecks here in the US.  

So, Hitler is only a demon in history for two simple reasons: 1. Germany lost it’s positions and had to do in the 1930s and 40s, what other White nations had begun and completed between the 1600s and late 1800s.  2. His victims were primary classified as Whites at the time of his genocide campaign.  

The British colonized and imposed genocidal policies on the Irish and Scotts before they were classified as White, so we don’t see the British Imperialist as the supreme evil like we do the Nazis.

I know White Nationalist like to pretend that Hitler had some noble intent, but nope. He wasn’t fighting the international bankers, and he’s not a victim of Zionist propaganda to sully his name and noble cause.  Sorry, he’s just another Racist criminal, just like heroes of Western Revisionist History.  Hitler was down with the Capitalist, the Elites, and would have fit in well with the other genocidal imperialist of his era if he didn’t chose to establish a Pan-European Empire.  If the Nazis had negotiated to take a piece of Africa, Asia, South America; and carried out the same atrocities Hitler would be another White hero like Andre Jackson or his rival Winston Churchill. 

The West had no hatred for the Nazis, their ideology, or their methods, it’s just their timing, locations, and logistics.  After the Nazi leadership was decapitated the rest of the Nazis and Germany as a whole were fully reintegrated with the West.  Many Nazis were brought to the US and embraced with open arms and lucrative positions and opportunists.  See: Operations Paperclip

I always say: “The Nazis lost the war, but their ideology won.”  Truth is, the Nazi ideology and agenda is older than the Nazis and it still dominates the world today.  Nazism is just one of many manifestations of Western Culture and Aggression.  

So, you are on the right track, the Nazi big crime according to the West is that they lost the White Tribal War, and they directed White Aggression in on itself, and that’s it. The depravity of the Nazis saturates most if not all Western Powers.

You are wrong about the Nazis being honest however, they lied about everything, their propaganda wing of the party arguably the strongest and most influential. So the Nazis were better at lying not more honest then their Western rivals before and during the conflict.  

The current Western Powers like to distance themselves from Nazi Germany, even modern Germany does, but they continue the imperialist, capitalistic, Racist, genocidal domination of the world that Hitler imposed.  

Side note: Angel Merkel and modern Germany doing what Hitler failed to do; complete the conquest of the West, using trade and currency deals instead of arms. Germany has always seen itself as the natural leader of the West and by default of the world, it hated sharing power, even with it’s White kinsmen of other tribes/nations.  

My favorite documentary on the Third Reich is The Architect of Doom, it gives the standard history of WWII and the Nazis, but it also give insights into the mentality and ideology of Western Culture, if you see through the lines and beyond the standardized history of the events covered.  Just know, what they are saying about Hitler and the Third Reich applies to the European Nobles, the Founding Fathers of America, and ironically, even Theodore Herzl and his Zionist contemporaries.  We not supposed to say that, cuz it’s the victors that not only write the history, they control how we interpret and understand history.