Black Liberation & the Nuclear Family…

I’m tired of hearing these Black Puritans talk shit about the Black
Family being the foundation of a nation, or how far we have fallen since
we no longer have “father figures” in the home.  

These people
be swearing they so damn African and have our communities best interest
at heart; but when you look at what they advocate it’s some old
backwards ass Nuclear family bullshit, that was never us, and don’t even
work for the Europeans who invented the Nuclear Family Unit.

They are literally advocating that we return to a formation and system
that has never worked for us, nor has it worked for the Whites who
imposed that shit on us!  They pushing this as a solution to our
problems when it’s one of the sources of our problems.  

I mean,
throughout Africa, per-colonial, pre-Islamic invasion, pre-Euro
invasion, you could find just about any type of family unit except the
Nuclear Family; the NF didn’t even exist in Europe until the early
stages of the Industrial Revolution,
prior to that, if you tried to live in a Nuclear Family; yo ass would
be dead, the NF was not a sensible or even viable formation.  You’d
starve, or have your shit raided and burned trying to fucking with a
Daddy-Mommy-Kidz set up.  

The NF was created by the Puritanical
and Capitalistic Elites.  The NF is a fucking production unit, a
factory for Human Resources, it creates working consumers, passive
citizens; it creates automatons who are dependent on the Elites for
income, products, and services.  The individualistic and isolated bonds
created by the NFU (Nuclear Family Unit) deteriorate community, it makes
each unit isolated and weak .  

So the next time you hear some
self-righteous Black Puritan pontificate about the family, and talk
about “father’s not being in the home” as the source of the decline of
the Black family, just know that they don’t know what the fuck they are
talking about; and they are only parroting what Massa told our ancestors
as they off loaded them from Slave ships.  

I ain’t against family, but Family is not your submissive wife and your
little peanut headed kids; it much bigger than that, if that’s were
your bonds begin, then you are Westernized, hell, can’t even say that
because Whites are starting to abandon the Nuclear Family Production
Unit nowadays.

Your family is your blood, your community, your
ideological and organizational allies.  If there are dependable men in
the community, then there are no fucking fatherless children, hell there
are no husband-less women, or wife-less men (it’s not about sex, it’s
about support and cooperation).  When we truly practiced African Family
Values, instead of White Conservative Family Values, shit was much better for us; we endured the atrocities of this land and were better able to mobilize against our oppression.

Fathers are not missing from the home because Black women today are
less agreeable then their grandmothers, or because Black men today are
less responsible than our grandfathers, it’s because we tried to fucking
be on some Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best
shit; and we abandoned the African Extended Family model.  That’s what
made us vulnerable  to public policies designed to break up our
communities and our family structure.  Trying to mimic our oppressors is
what got us all fucked up. (Look up The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, and the public polices based on the Moynihan Report;
that’s the blueprint for the disruption you see in the Black family,
not poor and under educated Blacks….and yes, I’m blaming the White

Our Grands were getting high, drinking too much, sleeping around, conking their hair, and hiking up their Poodle skirts,
and all the same BS we into long before we were born; the same fuckery
here today was around back then; but there was a strong extended family
that was rooted in a cooperative community that was able to impose
standards, that’s what the fuck we lost, our communal values.  Now we
got dumbass supposedly African-Centered Black  Puritans telling us that
it’s about Individual responsibility
and morality.  Ain’t shit about our condition been individuals or
morality since we hit the fucking shores of this corporation pretending
to be a nation.

If we don’t rebuild the Black communal economy
(that was based on money, barter, skill sharing, honor systems, personal
debts, money/resource pooling, collective ownership, etc.), Black
cultural and ethnic enclaves, and our ongoing collective resistance to
White Domination the Black family is doomed; because it will have no
real purpose other than creating Human Resources and Consumers, which is
not a viable purpose to begin with.  

So stop blaming poor
Black women and men, even the ones out here fucking up, cuz they are
symptoms of the problem not the source of the problem.  Fight the
fucking enemy instead of heaping more scorn on the The Wretched of the Earth.