How can a poor person like me be or become a revolutionary?

You can become a Revolutionary by simply engaging in Revolution. 

If you are poor you have to organize to secure Social Capital.  Social Capital consist of having a good reputation, integrity, and a strong work ethic.  It also consist of having a strong intellectual and ideological basis for your ideas and your approach.  That way, even if you lack money and resources, people will trust you and be willing to work with you.

You should also begin to think in terms of Resources and Opportunity instead of money.  There are many Resouces avalible to us that don’t require money, and we can use the resources to advance our struggle.  Public Libraries have free spaces for study groups, lectures, to show Revolutionary movies or lectures, etc.  Public parks are also a great resource, if you find a neg neglected park and the Hood, clean it up, and used it for public gatherings, communal fitness events, etc, you will begin to accumulate that Social Capital. You can find lots all over poor communities to establish food gardens or green spaces.  You can form Pressure Groups to lobby local politicians to bring needed resources to the Hood, or force them to retract oppressive policies.  You can raise funds to establish micro-manufacturing items like soap, jewelry, home services, etc, to build larger cooperative enterprises to fund larger more ambitious projects and initiatives.

You can also join an established organization which can give you support and resouces.  Even if the organization is not Revolutionary, your “chapter” can take up a Revolutionary agenda and push the larger organization towards Revolution. 

Being Revolutionary by definition means you are gonna have struggles with poverty and resources because no one is willing to pay you to work for the Liberation and Empowerment of Black people, not even other Black people.  So, the work is as taxing as it is rewarding, but don’t allow poverty to discourage you. 

One more thing; you don’t have to stay poor.  I ain’t saying get rich either, but you can secure the basic means to care for yourself and your family as you do this work.  As you build your local organizaion, pay yourself and your allies for their time and effort, Rebels Gotta Eat to. 

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak on this issue, from one poor Revolutionary to another.