I appreciate your blog Diallo, but tbh, black folk ain’t shit. We can’t do shit for ourselves let alone our wider community. Go to Africa. See how the blacks live there. People there are so corrupt. All the racist nasty stuff you experience in America, its 10x in Africa. Police brutalize and kill people all the time. Blacks are obsessed with white people and treat them like Gods. The societies there are so backward and repressive when it comes to thought and functionality.


At least you are smarter than that Rachel Dolezal characert, you have enough sense to go Anonymous when you pretend to by a “Black Folk,” but you have to remeber to remain in character.  You can’t go from “We,” to “the blacks,” in the same ‘White Racist Pretending to Anonymously be Black’ rant.  Then you went on to say “All the racist nasty stuff you experience…,” don’t you mean “we experience?”

Finally, I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard an actual Brother or Sister used the term “fuctionality,” you might wanna look up some Blacker sounding synonyms for that world.

Since I spent my time educating you on how to better pretend to be a Black person as you troll the web posting Racist rants, I don’t have time to dispell your Bullshit about Black people, then provide you with evidence of how your own culture is saturated with backwards and repressive “though and functionality.” 

So I’ll just give you your WRIT (White Racist Internet Troll) Score and be done with you.

WRIT Score : 1 : Very Poor.