I’m Bout Dat (Intellectual) Work.

Don’t organize with people who say shit like “I ain’t with all that
talking, I’m about the work.”  Cuz, for one; they some lying as MFahs,
and secondly, they are anti-intellectual and the the struggle requires
us to be intelligent, to out think our oppressors.

Now, not being
down for “all that talking” actually means they are not down for
thinking, dialogue, debate, research, critique, analysis, reflection, or
intellectual development.

People who are “just about the work”
are akin to people who want a treatment or cure for a disease that they
haven’t even diagnosed.

Would you allow a doctor to operate on
you if he said he’s not with all that X-ray, blood test, and medical
history bullshit, that he don’t bother with keeping up with medial
journals and shit, that he’s just bout dat surgery?  

worse than people “not being about all that talking, writing, and
reading,” are the MFahs who take time to write or talk about how they
ain’t down with writing and talking.  I have people coming on Social
Media telling me that Social Media is a waste of time; and I’m like,
what the fuck you doing on here then?“  I have people telling me I do
too much writing, and I’m like "how would you know that unless you doing
too much reading?” I have people telling me that “they ain’t wit all
dat talkin,” and I’m like “then have a coke and a smile and shut the
fuck up?”

I don’t eve care if people are voluntary stupid or
willfully ignorant, that’s their right to be, but it annoys me when they
see their anti-intellectism as a virtue, or think it makes them more
productive than us writers, readers, and talkers.  

I know that
Africans have a deep and vast intellectual history, we are more than
workers, we are conceptualizers, we are thinkers, we were the first to
think, talk, and write shit down; and that’s what drove us to great acts
and feats; our intellects.  We’ve been taught for centuries that our
only value is in our work, so even when we rebel against our oppressors,
we still retain our anti- intellectual indoctrination, often.

The whole Strong Body/Weak Mind prototype of Black manhood started on
the plantation or under colonial rule, before that we valued mental
pursuits as much as we did labor.  So, any Black person promoting the
working above talking mantra is perpetuating a Slave Practice and

So, I spend as much time reading, studying, sharing
ideas, provoking debates and discussions, learning from others (from
people I agree with and disagree with) and other intellectual pursuits,
and it is as important to me as the “work” I do in the community, they
are actually one and the same to me.

So, if you “bout dat work,”
and “ain’t wit all dat talkin/readin/writin,” then please don’t allow me
to distract you from your non-planned, non-thought out,
non-articulated, works; go do dat shit, and leave we who can fucking
chew gum and walk at the same time to our intellectual and physical

I’m even willing to help you, if you lack the disciple
to stick to your own dumb-ass protocols and views; anyone telling me
they ain’t wit talking will be blocked, anyone writing about how writing
don’t solve shit will be blocked, anyone posting about how posting shit
is a waste of time will be blocked.  So don’t be an idiot and a
hypocrite at the same time; pick or one the other.  

Damn, this
whole post may be a wast of time cuz the wukahs who ain’t wit all dat
taukin ain’t gon read this.  Maybe I’ll make a YouTube vid of this post
and put Illuminati and Effeminization in the title so I know they will
click on it.  LOL!

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