What are your thoughts on Neely Fuller Jr stating that the white supremacist man and woman are the smartest people in the known universe? You should check the channel victim of rws on youtube for his talks and ideology.

I’m well schooled in the teachings, methodology, and mission of Brother Neely Fuller.

I don’t agree with him on his assertion that White Supremacist are the smartest people, hell, I don’t agree that they are even Supreme.  What the hell is Supreme or Smart about destroying and contamination all of the world’s ecosystems, or perpetuating war across the globe, or even creating and stockpiling weapons that could kill all living creatures 100 times over?

That’s not Smart, it’s Insane, Technical, Psychopathic, Irrational, and a whole buncha other shit, but it’s not Smart.

Also, the West has stolen so much knowledge from the peoples they’ve colonized, then worked even harder to deny us proper education and resources, so it’s even debatable if they have equal intelligence with the rest of us, let alone superior.  Let’s all be granted true equal opportunity, nutrition, access, and mobility, then compare.

Or let’s still not compare, because only an insecure muthfucka would worry about if he’s smarter than the next person.  Just cultivate your mental capacity and leave others to do so on their own terms.

Michale Bradely, an anthropologist, who’s White, stated that Western Hyper Aggression, not Western Intelligence explains how they have come to dominate the world. 

It could be argued that the West coming to domination has hampered human progress, when you look at the trajectory of the nations they’ve
destroyed, and the people they’ve driven to extinction. Unless you think
the fucking iPhone is worth losing the rainforest and millions of
animal and plant species.  

One more note, when you begin to research the history of academic theft, patent/invention theft, and denial of credit to academics and inventors of Color you’ll see that all of humanity have been contributions to humanity’s intellectual and technological development, but the West taken the lions share of the credit, just like they stole the world’s lands and resources, what would make you think they are above denying our contributions to the arena of academics?