First question is what are your thoughts on Ferrari Sheppard? I read a tweet a few days back on his twitter feed that stated 400 years of terrorism congratulations, then a sister wrote perhaps black folk should declare a war on terrorism. Second question is do you think black people can openly declare war on white supremacist terrorism do you think we can win this war? Hotep.

Ferrari is a good writer with some keen insights; I say that even though we’ve bumped heads on some issues a while ago, I has some issue with something he wrote, shared my issue, he responded, and that was it, that’s the extent of my interactions with him, but I read his post.
Terrorism is a method, a tactic, you can’t declare war on that, any more than you can declare war on Guerrilla Warfare, or War in general, declaring war on terror is as stupid as declaring war on war.

The people who invented those concepts of War on Terror, War on Drugs, War on Poverty; are master marketers and Propagandist, the removes any critical thought about the issue, or the policies, when there’s a “war” you have to pick a side and fight.  So if there’s a war on terror, you are stuck being pro-terror or anti-terror, even when you sides commit terrorism.  SMH.

What an intelligent society that wansn’t out to pimp its population would say is: “here’s our Terrorism Policies,” because that’s governments do, they develop and implement policies.  When you call shit a policy, or you disagree with a policy, that don’t mean you support terror, that means you don’t support the governments particular policy for reducing  or adverting terrorism.  Americans are not as a population able to have that type of discourse because of the intense indoctrination we are subjected to, so the Propagandist in the media tell us “we have a War on Terror,” and force you to pick a side in a war instead of determining the efficacy of a anti-terror policy. 

So I’m against Blacks following our Oppressors in this stupid ass behavior of declaring war on shit that you can’t really go to war with.

We can’t declare War on White Supremacy, that’s a thought, a misguided concept in some Krackers head.  Now you have White Supremacist who are dirt poor, uneducated, who life in a trailer in Appalachia and can’t in anyway really harm the Black community aside from picking up a gun and shooting a Black person, and they’d be stopped in their tracks pretty quickly if they did that shit.  Are we gonna go find this isloated Red-Neck and wage war against him?  That would be a waste of time.

Then you have White Supremacist, who never show any open hostility towards Blacks, who are in positions of power, pretend to be our friend, but do more damage than we can imagine, the Clintons and the whole Democratic Party gets down like this, but we don’t see it as terror because they do their damage with documents and policies.

So we need to focus our oppostion at tantible targest not something as ill-defined as White Supremacy,  we should study and understand White Supremacy, which is White Domination, but we can’t declare war on it, because it exists in the minds of White, and many non-Whites too.  We have to target Systems, Institutions, Policies, even nations, and communities.   

The US talks about the WoT because it can’t say “we are declaring war on the civilian population of Iraq and Afghanistan,” or that “we are going to mobilize our military to kill those who opposed our imperialist grab for the remaining fossil fuel resource in the Mid-East."  Folks would rebel if the US was that honest so that make up BS, Pavlovian nonsense like "the War on Terror,” we can’t repeat that dumb shit.

Finally, we don’t really need to declare war at all, that was don’t centuries ago, we need to make a commitment to continue the war until it’s won.  We need to organize ourselves to give resistance on all fronts, economic, political, cultural, and even military when it comes to that.  Del Jones articulated that “90% of all war is cultural,” so we are at war even when the guns ain’t out, we don’t need to declare shit, just organize and build.

Oh, and yes the war will be won because White Domination and Capitilism are not sustainable, the so they will collape under their own rot if we fail to rise us and dismantel them, but if we allow it to collapes on its own the will may be too ravaged to sustain complex lifeforms; so we need to bring about the collape and build Pan-Africanism instead of wating for our Oppressor’s demise from the sidelines.