Nancy Reagan just died at the very old age of 94. Thoughts? So much for karma. The savages who do evil somehow live the longest and in comfort too.

I went through the D.A.R.E. program, and I got me a “Just Say No” button at the end of it. SMH.  You right about NR and her husband being some evil ass muthafuckas.  

I thought those Trap Queen Memes were funny that popped up after her death.

But at least Nancy didn’t return to politics to perpetuate even more Racist policies after her husband left office…like that other Former First Lady who will remain nameless. 

#BurnInHellNancy…wit cho racist ass husband.

(This topic show yall how far behind I am in my blogs Q&A feed, I appreciate all of the question, and I apologize for the backlog, but I promise I will get to every question…eventually.)