I’m impressed you know about the Venus Project. Do you know about the Zeitgeist Movement too? They used to be working together, but the figureheads of each movement had a falling out. Thoughts on either movement?

Yes I’m  aware of the Zeitgeist Movement also.

I commend any efforts at collective improvement, civilization, and humanization of Whites, Europeans, Caucasoids, Yurugus, or whatever you want to call the people emerging out of Western/Central European, and parts of Asia.

There are those who argue that Whites cannot, collectively abandon the ‘Death Urge’ that drives their culture, mentalities, and personalities; and I have to admit that I’ve seen no evidence up to this point that yall can, or even have a collective will to do so.  But I’m evidence based, so when, and as I see evidence, I will acknowledge and articulate it. 

There are emerging movements and practices in Western culture that are counter to the Omnicidal practices and tone of the dominate Western culture, but I’ve yet to see the masses of Whites recognize or embrace these alternatives; and I’m not holding my breath in anticipation that yall will.

I will continue to study and observe these anti-Western White movements, because I study White folks in general, I study the Right, Center, Left, and extreme far left movements and ideologies of European, and encourage others to do so as well.

But anyway, good luck with the Venus Project, the ZM, ALF, ELF, DGR, Black Bloc, Adbusters, Revolutionary Communism, Radical Feminism, Modern Primitivism, and all that other jazz.  I’m rooting for yall (from a safe distance).