What do you think of a critical theory of afro pessimist and in relation to pan africanist thought

Afro Pessimism is akin to the “unfit to rule” principle that emerged in the West in the early stages of the post-colonial era.  It’s a BS notion, but one that needs to be dissected.  The same people who assert that Africa is to far gone to save or fix are the same people who cause and profit from the chaos and dysfunction.  The same people who determined that Africans are “unfit to rule” the State are the same ones who subvert competent and incorruptible African leadership.

Only a person who’s ignorant of African’s history, colonialism, no-colonialism, and geopolitics would succumb to Afro Pessimism.  This notion is embraced and promoted by the west because it facilitate their ongoing exploration of Africa and its people.

Pan-Africansim is the absolute opposite of Afro Pessimism, it is the understanding and attempt to maximize the potential of Africa, Africans, and the African Diaspora.  As Pan-Africanism expands Afro Pessimism and the conditions that feed it contract.