So I’m reading this article about how Veganism being less sustainable than a meat-based diet, then I reach the bottom of the article & found out that Nova is funded by the same muthafuckas the fund Global Warming denying scientist.? #GoVegan #Vegan (at South Side, Chicago)
Live Long & Prosper. #Vegan #AfricanWorldOrder? (at Chicago, Illinois)
Eating one egg still wastes 55 gallons of water, industrial meat & diary production is ecocidal! #Vegan ?? ?? ❤?

Dietary Adaptations & Modern Delusions

Why when you are critiquing the dietary practices of Black people in the USofA, and promoting Veganism among our people these damn bone sucking, gristle chewing, bile sipping, flesh rendering fools, who are trying to defend their mindless consumption of fecal contaminated meat products try to bring in some obscure isolated culture to justify their First World Food Consumption?What the Fuck is that all about.I say some shit like: “we need...
If you didn’t come out of a cow’s vagina, why are you drinking cows milk? Diallo Kenyatta

Brother Diallo, I understand that you are a vegan, but surely you can’t be against the consumption of meat entirely? Human beings have eaten meat since appearing on this planet. I think you are right to attack industrial farming and gmo foods. But what about the simple herdsman that raises animals chemical free and his or her entire economic situation is based around this and has to feed their children on the animals they raise?

My primary issue is with industrial, corporate, subsidized meat production/processing/consumption. I wouldn’t deny their Maasai herdsmen their cattle, or the Inuit their fish and sea mammal consumption. The problem is in the West, in the first world, or so-called industrialized nations; that’s where I promote Veganism.  I also advocate Veganism across humanity, when it is practical.  Many diseases of affluence and modernization like...

Why do you think you are having a hard time getting black people to become vegan? How can you improve in your approach to convince black people to become vegan? Thoughts on PETA?

1. Mass Indoctrination:  We, Vegans, are out fucking gunned by the industrial and corporate food industries.  The people providing us with all of this pathogenic meat, dairy, and processed food like substances have billions of dollars in advertising budges!  Then, no top of that they get billions more in subsidies from the government, making the food both better promoted and lower cost for the consumers.  These muthafuckas advertise to...
Seared Brussels Sprouts. (I’m not really big on food photos, but I got some request from people transitioning to a Vegan diet to share some of the foods I eat.) #Vegan #Organic #NoGMO

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