On Bill Cosby, Anti-Black Propaganda, and Media Warfare.

We don’t have enough sense to say; “Bill is a product of Western values and behavioral norms?” We can’t point out that Bill has not only reject African cultural standards, but he long abandoned the values of the Black community in the US, and he spent decades encouraging the rest of the Black community to…

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White Media Bias.

Who are we talking to when we point out the anti-Black/pro-White bias of the Corporate Media?  Why do we think we are so clever when we do that? I swear, if I see another comparison between how ‪#‎BMore‬ and ‪#‎Waco‬ were treated in the media and by the cops, I swear I’m gon vomit. I…

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Don’t Blame Barkley.

I watched a recent interview of Charles Barkley, and heard him disgrace and disrespect the Black community yet again. At this point I can’t even get mad at him because I asked myself: Why the fuck is anyone asking Barkley about anything? Really, why? When there’s a tragedy affecting White people, when they have an…

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