Seeking Justice from the Unjust, Seeking Humanity from the Inhumane….

The US Government has carried out, or supported (with policies, weapons, money) genocides across the globe. ¬†From the ongoing Genocide against the Native Americans, including the Natives of South and Latin America, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Palestine, Haiti, the Congo, Sudan, Liberia…and the rest of Africa, Canada (yes, there are Natives in Canada remember?), the…

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The Dilution of Revolution.

When the Garveyites were organizing for Black Nationhood and Mass Repatriation, the Negros were paid by White Elites to dilute the movement and reorient Blacks to mobilize for better (White) education and better treatment within the (White) System. Circa 1900s When the Black Power Movement began to organize for Black Liberation, the Negros were paid…

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