Uppity Negresses: Sex, Politics, & Uppityness

June 1, 2018 : Episode 158 Black Decency Movement, Anti-N-Word Movement, Slurs & Oppression, Mic Check, Report from Ghana, African Diaspora, Reality of Africa, If Kiki Was President, Sex Work, SESTA, Moral Panics, The Gay Imam, Discrimination in the Sex Industry, Africana Womanism, Feminism, Divest Black Woman…

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On the “African” Anti-Homosexuality Movement

The Black Puritains who love to praise Africa’s anti-Homosexuality stance always fail to mention that the same Christian and Islamic fanatics who are brutalizing African Homosexuals, who are killing them, and subjecting African women to Corrective rape; are the exact same ones murdering and brutalizing African children and elders for  "witchcraft,“ and traditional African spirituality….

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On the African Anti-Homosexuality Movement

Why is it that these ‪#‎BlackPuritans‬ love to praise these African leaders who are defending Africa from the Gay Agenda, ignore the fact that these African anti-Gay Crusaders are led and funded by White Evangelicals from the US and Western Europe?   Why don’t they acknowledge that the rationale for attacking LGBTQ Africans is rooted…

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