May Day: Value of Work Vs. Worth of Workers

May 1, 2017 : Episode 83 May Day, Labor History, Valuing Labor & Social Contributions, Class Consciousness, Class Analysis, Hating the Person You Procreate With, Taking Care of Kids, You Are Your FICA Score, Worth Vs. Value...

Broke Niggas: Status Through Submission

April 28, 2017 : Episode 82 Gender Wars, Broke Niggas, I Don't Spark Beef, Black Men As Protectors, Feminist Independence, Cash Me Outside, I'm The Bad Guy, Malcolm & Garvey Were "Broke," We'er Still Enslave, Persistent Traumatic Stress Syndrome...
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.? #WalterRodney???
The Struggle Goes On!✊ #GuyanaIndependence #WalterRodney???
Walter Rodney : great Guyanese scholar & politician.✊???? #GuyanaIndependence #WalterRodney

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