It is the most naive and obvious question, but how do you think we should geographically organize as pan-african revolutionaries? Bc all moving to Africa is delusional and invasive i think, but building within western territorial states (fronteers, constitutions etc) without participating a bit to reforms seems veeery edgy. I live in europe, and the few woke ppl here are quite integrationists. Not me, but i can’t figure out a debut solution, ideas? thanks, sorry if u already answered dat!

How can I have a competent response condensed to fit in the little blog box they allow me here? SMH.1. We need a Global Pan-African Revolution because Oppression and Ecocide is Global, it’s not confined to Africa, it’s not confined to Africans; so the nature of the oppression dictates that we need a globalized, integrated, and radical struggle to uproot the oppression, preserve the world’s ecosystems, and provide a dignified life for...

What do you think about Booker T. (Kaba Kamene) ??? I always felt that he was the only person on Sa Neter TV that ever had any sense, a plan and was actually acting on these plans. Might be why he’s rarely on there.

Man, I ain’t really followed Booker T. since he was giving lectures for the UAM (United African Movement) in Harlem; that was way back in the late-90s and early 2000s.  I don’t really follow the esoteric, melanology stuff; even though I remember Booker T. had a lot of insights.  I’ll have to look into what he’s talking about nowadays, I don’t follow any of the Saa Neter Celebs; I didn’t know he was one.

What do you know about the “Gullah Wars”?

I know the Gullah Wars are still going on, I know that.  They just moved from using muskets, cannons, and troops to using economic displacement and Racist public policies. Oh, and the White Aggressors ain’t fully ruled out returning to the guns and troops either.  

How will you address “willful ignorance” in your book if you are still coming out with one. The reason why I ask is because in my everyday life I see people wanting to be blind to facts around them. I mean just having a conversation about anything outside of sports, entertainment, etc seems to be impossible. How does one pierce through “willfull ignorance”, to get real work done in the revolutionary process?

Shit, I really need to set a date for my text.  It come out, one day….soon.As for Willful Ignorance, the best way to combat it is to change the fundamental material circumstances and relationships in a person live and environment.WI can only be sustained if there are psychical spaces and opportunities for the willfully ignorance to have their ignorance validated.  For instance, a White person my chose to remain ignorant of the Racial...

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