What are your thoughts on the Nuwabians and Malachi Z York? Some people hate him and some people defend him.

Based on what I know, Dr. York is a ego maniacal sexual predator; which seems to be a very common trait among charismatic cult leaders form all Race.  Of course I don’t base this conclusion on the US government’s case against him, but based on accounts from members of his cult.  People do love him, even to this day, but it’s not hard to construct a Cult-of-Personality among oppressed people; because oppression is not just physical it’s...

Right wing extremists in Europe (particularly Germany) claim that the mass influx of immigrants from Middle East and Africa spells the doom of Europe, and cultural genocide of white Europeans. Is there any truth to that?! God I hope so! ? At any rate, will it mean Europe will no longer be a bastion of white supremacy? If so, maybe European society will truly become multicultural and egalitarian

No, the real doom of Europe is coming from the White European Elites; the biggest threat to the White masses has always been the White Elites, and it is the White Elites who orient and indoctrinate the White masses to believe that non-Whites are an existential threat to the White masses.  Also, the White Nationalist are cowards and bullies, so they prefer to target vulnerable and desperate immigrants then challenge their own Elites and the...

Do you know of any self help books, articles, blogs for black men?

Any books that informs and enriches you is a self-help text in my view; but I do have a few that can be classified as self-help specifically:Dr. Naim Akbar.Dr. Marimba Ani.Dr. Obari Cartman.I also have found a lot of inspiration and instruction from autobiographies of men I admire:I hope this aids you, I can’t say I’m versed in the self-help genre; but I this book list helps you to help yourself.  

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