Heelary ain’t about to rescue us from Trump!

All you Negros out here talmbout: “I’s votin fah Hillary cuz I sho dun wan Trump tah be prezzident,” sound like fucking Abject Slaves!Yall sound like the kinda Slave who’s run and hide under the skirt of a Hateful Plantation Mistress to protect you from a the wrath of a Sadistic Plantation Master! Listen, you don’t run to the Feminist War Criminal to protect you from the aged Racist Trust Fund Baby! Not only does...

Have you seen Lemonade yet?

I’m watching it now, my homie just sent me a link so I can see it.  He wants us to cover it on our radio program; if you wanna tune in and hear my take on it, here’s the link…http://zeroto100radio.com/We are live every Friday from 7am-12pm; it’s the Bigger & Blacker show, then on Mon and Wed 7am-9am.

Strange Bedfellows: Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Corporatism, & Veganism.

Yo, yo, yo!!!Something just came to me.All you macho, manly, anti-Gay Black Puritans, and Toxic Black Nationalist: yall gon boycott Jordans now? How about putting all of yall Jordans and Nike shit on the grill and burning them?What up!?! Are yall really only down to do more than just attack (vulnerable) LGBTQs or are yall willing to adjust your spending and consumer taste to buck the Gay Conspiracy to turn us all Gay?I know that millions of...

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