Rape Culture: Origins & Resistance

Mar. 1, 2019: Episode 218 Tommy Boy Vs De La Soul, Bootlegging, Classifying Violence, Black Businesses, Black Royalty, Roger Stone & Michael Cohen, The 90s, Depressions & Recessions, House of Saud, Mimicking White People, A Post-Capitalism World, R.Kelly’s Benefactors, Eve & the Fall of Mankind, God’s Validation of Rape, Perpetual Warfare…

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On Rape & Blame.

The Cosby situation has really brought to surface many really fucked up attitudes and views may Black men and women, especially so-called Conscious Black men; have about Rape.   I mean, I’m having to go over the most basic understandings about rape to supposedly educated conscious Black men, and women; and that’s a fucking problem….

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