Impeachment, Brexit, & the Insanity of White Hegemony (Part. 2)

Jan. 5, 2020: Episode3 307 Fela’s Yellow Fever, Maximum Extraction for Minimum Input, LGBTQ Movement, Iowa Caucus, Black Political Puppets, I Never Win, Acknowledging White Power, Misdiagnosis…

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Impeachment, Brexit, & the Insanity of White Hegemony

Feb. 3, 2020: Episode 306 Black Athletes, Huxley Vs Orwell, Dark Matter, Scholarly Prophecy, Peasants & Serfs, Ball Chasers, Privileged Supremacist, Rule of Law, Trump Dictatorship…

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What are your thoughts on #Brexit from a Pan African perspective? I tried to understand this stuff but I really don’t.

Here’s the core truth: The EU was all about Germany doing economically what Hitler failed to do military: domination of Western Europe, the UK people don’t understand this, they just voted to keep the dirty Eastern Europeans out of their nation. But let’s deal with this like White people deal with African internal politics, let’s…

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