Comrade Diallo, you seen that hashtag #altrightmeans? From a pan African perspective what does that hashtag mean to you?

It don’t really mean shit, Racist are always re-branding and reworking their shit; but it’s all the same in the end.The AltRight isn’t an alternative to the mainstream Right, it’s just younger Racist trying to pretend that they have a new angle, a new approach, a new outlook, or even a newer agenda than their Racist fathers and grandfathers.All of them muthafuckas have the same hyper-aggression married to pathological insecurity that...
Somebody buy the New Negro a US History Book! I swear, I don’t know what’s worse (I do, but…) a Tom who an open Race Traitor, or a delusional New Negros who harms us with their good intentions. Oh, & tell her we can’t fight Trump’s racism yet cuz we still recovering from Clinton’s racism & Obama’s neglect. #MaxineWaters #ComeGetYoAuntie #Dummycrat?

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