African World Order has buttons too. #KhalidMahammad #AWOApparel? #AWOAccessories? (at Que4 radio)

I seen a lot of bullshit about the recent shooting at the repubs living it up at their baseball game. Give the real from a pan African perspective. Damn near no one give a fuck when politicians kill and restrict the lives of thousands with legislation but when they get a cap bust in they ass which happen once in a blue moon, it’s “we all need to come together, we all, family, stop the violence”.

The first reports coming out of the shooting stated that the shooter was taken into custody, later that afternoon it was stated that he was killed on the scene; that small discrepancy gives me pause.I wrote back in February how similar Trump was to Bush, losing the popular vote, facing scrutiny about his qualifications, conflict of interest, and basic competency; and how Bush only became Presidential after the 9/11 attacks; that Trump needed...

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