We still progressing, even though this Chicago weather ain’t trying to cooperate with us. #GreenTeensChi #EcologicOutreach? #Organic #UrbanAg (at South Side, Chicago)
I arrived at the station to do the show & I’m locked out. ? #BroDialloShow #BroDiallo (at West Side, Chicago)

Malcolm X Assassination: A COINTELPRO Triumph

February 22, 2017 : Episode 61 The African-America is a Mythological Creature, Black Elites & Real Power, The Homeless vs. Billionaires, Empty Pride, Jay Z & Venture Capitalism, COINTELPRO, Black Vulnerability...

MAGA: Make America Gilded Again

February 20, 2017 : Episode 60 President's Day, Best & Worst POTUS, Woodrow Wilson, Policy & Voting, Trump Appeals to Blacks, Governing on Impulse, Feminism, Immigration, Regulation & Capitalism, Jobs...  

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