What do you think Black immigrants can do to improve the state of their nations?

1.  Embrace Pan-Africanism.2.  Reject Colonial Borders.3.  Reject Capitalism.4.  Reject Tribalism.5 . Reject Christianity.6.  Reject Islam.7.  Embrace the African Diaspora.8.  Reject Consumerism.9.  Embrace Sustainability.10. Reject NeoColonilism.11. Reject AfriCom.12. Reject the IMF & World Bank.13. Embrace (Scientific) Socialism.14. Organize Locally, Regionally, Globally (ITO).15. Reject Western Beauty Standards.16. Reject Western...
Why do you credit the Capitalist for the gains (the People) made fighting against the Capitalist? Michael Parenti
Embracing African culture, or being Afrocentric without being engaged in the Revolutionary struggle for African liberation, is like entering a burning house to admire the wallpaper, and enjoy the television while not doing anything to put out the fire! You cannot truly be African, or ever African-centered without being Revolutionary and organizing to defeat Africa’s enemies. Diallo Kenyatta
Labor is prior to, and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. Abraham Lincoln

Rejecting Religion: Discussing Atheism with King Deeda

August 15 | Episode 9 #SylvilleSmith & the Milwaukee Rebellion, Appeal for White People to Vacate Whiteness, King Deeda's First Appearance, Defining Theism Agnosticism & Atheism, Corruptibility of Human Creations, The Rebellion in Heaven, The Anti-Womanism of the Abrahamic Religions...

Liberal Neoliberalism: Heelary Clinton’s Economic Agenda

August 12 | Episode 8 Black Men as Oppressors, Dr. Sebi's Wisdom, Heelary's Econ Speech, Fear of a Trump Presidency, Immigration & Resource Extraction, Televised vs. Non-Televised Atrocities, Human Dominion Over Earth, Obsolete Infrastructure, Shot-Out to Welfare, Decentralized Power, My One-Man Olympic Boycott, Throw Away Your Vote.

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