The Civil Rights Movement granted Blacks greater participation in a system of global oppression, genocide, and resource degradation, and little else. All of the social, political, and economic ills that afflicted us in the past are still with us, there are just more of us protecting and profiting from cooperation with this system than before. The system changed us more than we changed it. Diallo Kenyatta

Why are you so skinny? lol. But for real speak on it because so many of our African brothers and sisters neglect their health. And we need strong and healthy bodies for the revolution.

LOL! It’s funny cuz I was just telling someone I don’t come from Skinny.  My people are big people. I don’t really strive to be skinny, I don’t watch my weight or none of that.  I walk a lot, I ride my bike often (when weather permits), I work out sporadically, and most important of all I eat a strict Vegan diet. I think a Vegan diet paired with moderate exercise is the cornerstone for Black health in the US. I also don’t smoke...

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