Attica Massacre: Sept. 13, 1971. ?????? (at Attica Correctional Facility)
fuckyeahmarxismleninism: Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier has triple-bypass surgery International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Sept. 2 Good morning friends and family, I just talked to Leonard, and unknown to us, he was just released from the hospital and this is his message to all his supporters and friends. “Good morning, everyone. OK. I know everyone did not know this, but it’s been a rough ride for me, BUT I’m one...
Religious people literally insist that we remain silent until they have the power to burn us at the stake again. Fuck that, Imma keep calling out the irrationally of religious beliefs & Institutions that push it, cuzI know what unchecked Religious Authority looks like. ⛪⏩? #VocalAtheist? #UnashamedAtheist #DEvangelize #GodDispel #GiveThemBackTheirGods
It’s been a while since I’ve had some self-righteous #Yurugu try to call me out, I thought I was losing my touch. #BroDialloShow? #BroDiallo✊ (at Que4 radio)
“We got the right to have crazy people (in our Race) just like everybody else.” - Dick Gregory Human Resources can’t be Capitalist cuz we are the Capital, why is that so hard to understand? ?>? #FreeMarketSlaveMentality #BLKCapitalist (at Bronzeville)
#SierraLeone #BSANI #FodayMansaray #BroDialloShow (at Que4 radio)
#GiveThemBackTheirGods #DEvangelize #AfricanGodsOnly #GodDispel ??

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