White men have been putting dresses on Black men since the plantation, to assert their dominance. It was not about sex but about power. The solution is to uplift women and secure liberation, not to ape White Sexism. Diallo Kenyatta
All Revolutionary women were called Wild, Slutty, Loose, Bitches, etc by those who sought to sustain their oppression. A lot of these ‪#‎Afrosexist‬ and ‪#‎BlackPuritans‬ would call Harriet Tubman hardheaded or a bitch if she was here today fighting for freedom and exposing their complacency and cowardice. Sisters don’t allow insecure Men or their female to allies shame you; the Revolution needs you. Diallo Kenyatta
Shout out to all Angry Black Women. To all cunning, dangerous, relentless, and stubborn Black Women. To all Revolutionary and Radical Black Women. Y'all have a strong and unbroken legacy. Diallo Kenyatta

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