Brandon Scates: Blood on the Academic Auction Block

Nov. 20, 2019: Episode 292 Special Education, Hip Hop Violence, Criticizing Other Blacks, Jay & Bey, Warren Buffet, Sexiest Man Alive, Opioid Crisis & Black Youth, White Poverty, Faulting the Masses, Medical Oppression, Addiction, Offering Alternatives…

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Everything to Lose

May 31, 2019: Episode 246 Collective Shame, Black Rock Coalition, Social Media Censorship, African World Order, Brazillian Fascism, Mass Incarceration, The Phenotypical Heiarchary in Latin America, Global Warming & Climate Disruption, Crip & Blood Soda, Jay-Z & Gentrification, I’m Still Petty, I Wanna Be Positive, Colored People Time…

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