How the fuck we gon sustain a movement when we can’t even sustain animosity for our oppressors? We can’t even sustain a healthy distrust of a people who repeatedly make false promises to us, and reneged on their concessions to us.  SMH. Shit we can’t even get around to Waking our People Up, until they grow the fuck up (emotionally); we act like naive and trusting children when we engage the Systems and Institutions of White...
Real talk, I honestly watch White males in public spaces, been doing so for years, and I really keep an eye on White males who enter unfamiliar spaces you don’t normally find them, all responsible Black adults should do this. ‪#‎CantTrustIt‬ Here’s an image I posted about a year ago, everyone took it as a joke:
Sustained Suspicion is better than Blind Trust when you dwell in hostile territory, under oppressive policies, surrounded by armed aggressors. Diallo Kenyatta

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