Rejecting Religion: Discussing Atheism with King Deeda

August 15 | Episode 9 #SylvilleSmith & the Milwaukee Rebellion, Appeal for White People to Vacate Whiteness, King Deeda's First Appearance, Defining Theism Agnosticism & Atheism, Corruptibility of Human Creations, The Rebellion in Heaven, The Anti-Womanism of the Abrahamic Religions...

Liberal Neoliberalism: Heelary Clinton’s Economic Agenda

August 12 | Episode 8 Black Men as Oppressors, Dr. Sebi's Wisdom, Heelary's Econ Speech, Fear of a Trump Presidency, Immigration & Resource Extraction, Televised vs. Non-Televised Atrocities, Human Dominion Over Earth, Obsolete Infrastructure, Shot-Out to Welfare, Decentralized Power, My One-Man Olympic Boycott, Throw Away Your Vote.

Skipp Coon: Family, Fatherhood, & Freedom.

August 10 | Episode 7 Gender Roles within Black Families, Evolutionary Origins of Human Negativity, Feminism, Manhood, Making Peace vs. Mastering Warfare, Social Media Bickering, Do Black Men Enjoy Male Privilege, Are CisHet Black Men the White People of the Black Race, Codifying & Institutionalizing Sexism & Misogyny.

Gentrification: The Economic Ethnic Cleansing of Black Communities.

August 8 | Episode 6 Class Consciousness & the Testicle Lottery, Academia & the Status Quo, Broken Phones, Class Antagonisms, Hitler's Internalization of White Aggression, Black America is a US Colony, Mental Illness Misconceptions, Talking Vs Doing in the Black Liberation Struggle, & #KingDeeda Interrupts.

Rules of Engagment: Reflections on Sister Korryn

August 3 | Episode 4 Diallo: a man of varied interest, Law Enforcement vs. Status Quo Maintenence, Jordan's paltry donations, Asymmetric resistance & boycotts, Edward Wilmot Blyden: The father of Pan-Africanism, Obama owes us!, and Suggestions for "Good Cops"

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