The mass murderer Dylan Roof is about to go on trial, he’s pleading not guilty, he’s not denying killing Blacks people, but he’s saying it’s not a crime; I guess he’s gonna use the Jay Z defense: “It’s Hard Not to Kill Niggas.” Reflecting on that atrocity, it still disheartens me that we turned an assault on African Bodies into a movement to bring down a damn flag, as if the flag and not the System...
Workers need to struggle for the Abolition of Wage Slavery, Worker Owned Cooperatives, a mandated Maximum Wage, & the Abolition of Private Property.  Workers better become Radicalized or its over! Diallo Kenyatta
Pray for…..nothing. Cuz Prayer don’t do shit. Act & Contribute, or STFU. Diallo Kenyatta
Do yall really think Trump gon lock up more of us than Bill Clinton, demonize & scapegoat us more than Heelary Clinton, or neglect us more than Obama? Diallo Kenyatta

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