Some of your best writing is when you completely expose and obliterate the false religions, ESPECIALLY Islam. To hell with the Arabs and to hell with Islam. They have committed more grave offenses than even their European cousins. Realization of Islam’s brutality in Africa is not “Islamaphobia”. It’s just good fucking common sense and a basic understanding of history. Are Africans ” Christianophobic” when we understand that Christianity is shit as well?! smdh! Africa vs everybody.

Word. Can’t even add anymore to that. Thank you.
I fear Africans will go the the ovens clutching the crucifix and singing hymns. It’s crazy when the persecuted pray to the exact same god as the persecutors. I just can’t wrap my mind around that. You Africans who have embraced traditional Spirituality and Culture need to start going door to door in the Hood to show our people there is a better way. Diallo Kenyatta #GiveThemBackTheirGods #DEvangelize #AfricanGodsOnly
You are either a Socialist or a Sociopath. Diallo Kenyatta

Why do you think it is better that instead of going to Africa, we stay in Europe to fight? There are many good targets organizations who are fighting for human rights, without distinction of race, religion, ideology. But with little success. My intention is go to Africa to work there like a local resident. I want to integrate myself in African society as far as possible. I will not stop working with the Spanish organizations fighting for universal rights, I will contact them. What do you think?

I think it’s better for Europeans to fight against Global White Domination and Capitalism in Europe because they have more mobility, access, opportunity, and coverage.  From a strategic stand point, I don’t think there’s a better place for Revolutionary Europeans; there’s also a strong history of European Revolutionary thought and action to build on in Europe, but none in Africa.  Even if you wish to help Africa or Africans, the...

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