How long did the cops and Feds wait during the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Oregon standoff, while facing down White men armed with military grade weapons and openly threatening the authorities? Hell, they gave the Kracka David Koresh weeks to surrender after he had already murdered several Federal Agents during the Branch Davidian Massacre! Don’t fucking tell me that ‪#‎KorrynGaines‬ provoked these Fascist to kill her! They know how to...
I’m not fucking watching the Olympics in solidarity with my Brothers & Sisters who were massacred, displaced, and exploited to bring those fucking fucked up games to Brazil Diallo Kenyatta ‪#‎FuckTheOlympics‬ ‪#‎DontRunInRio‬ ‪#‎DontSwimInRio‬ ‪#‎DontJumpInRio‬ ‪#‎BoycottTheRioOlympics‬ ‪#‎BroDiallo‬ Diallo Kenyatta

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