I have just 3 words for you: Mansa Musa, motherfuckrr!

Ohhhh…..ouch! The Pain!!! That hurt me so much, you totally got me!  You know how much I hate Mansa Musa, and the overall impact he’s had on African history, and you Anonymously forcing me to read his name has damaged me greatly.You truly are a Toll Master, no, no; a Troll King!  Your trolling has caused me emotional and physical pain.  You are a Keyboard Kung Fu, Mind Destroying badass!  Good for you; Troll King!I’m off to cry...

I know you don’t believe in God, but let me tell you you are a true Blessing. Certainly due to your freed-from-religious-institutions mind i guess. A muslim sis that truly is thankfull for all the unique brainfood you bring to the table. People might think you’re a cynical, but i swear u do have and inspire sort of a faith in the revolution. You are so methodic critical and articulate as u must know, it is really refreshing! Never give up, let’s build our self-maintained world! peace

Thank you Sis, thank you so much.I’m humbled.Peace. 

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