Violence Is Life: Pacification & Oppression

July 11, 2018: Episode 168 Code Switching, Collective Shame, Helping White People & Snitching on Black People, Hurricane Carter, Presidential Mass Murder, Viability of Communism, NATO, The ZOG and Jew Baiting, Trump & Jeffery Epstein, CPS & Child Abuse, Climate Change & Prophecy, Father Pfleger, March Against Violence…

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On Non-Violence and Anit-Violence.

All yall muthafuckas out here talking bout how yall don’t condone violence, or that violence is wrong; yall need to accept fucking Reality! I’m sick of repeating myself on this issue. If you live in the US, you are contributing to violence, genocidal violence, omnicidal violence every single day of your life. You are funding…

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