US Imperialism: A Fourth Reich (Part 2)

Dec. 13, 2019: Episode 298 Black Ideology, Noam Chomsky, About Action, Black Hebrew Beliefs, Racism in Isreal, End Times, The B.I.T.E. Model, Defending Traitors, German Empire in Africa, WWI & WWII…

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United States: A Demented & Dying Empire (Part 2)

Aug. 16, 2019: Episode 265 Greater Confinement, Black Farmer Suits, Atrocity Hopping, Minority Contractors, BIE, White Consistency, Blame Vs Responsibility, Left Behind, Inverted Yield Curve, Global Poverty Rate, Military Welfare, Petro-Dollar, Never Enlist…

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Render Unto Ceasar: The Economics of Empire

Apr. 15, 2019: Episode 235 The Secret, Snow in April, Julian Assange, Bush Administration, Corporate Corruption, Chelsia Manning, Taliban, Genocidal Hypocrisy, White Women, A Honey Pot, Cambodia Bombings, US Surveillance System, Trump’s Friends, Democracy & Capitalism, Morehouse & Westpoint, Game of Thrones & Star Wars…

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