Submission: Woman’s Duty or Man’s Delusion

Sep. 27, 2019: Episode 278 Heather B, Brand Nubian, Fantasia’s New Fans, Spider Omen, Theological Submission, Why Black Women are Single, Ideolizing the Past, Grandpa Buie, Viable Partner Stats, The Promised Land, Agents of Oppression, Primative Socialism…

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How do black people learn to love each other under white structural oppression ?

I understand that white structures of domination are the ecosystem that we thrive in and your points that until this ecosystem is destroyed that there‚Äôs no opportunity for black happiness black independence black efficacy and agency . However I do believe in the power of love as A transforming force of nature and humanity ….

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Peace Diallo, Thanks for the critique on M. Garvey. Great read. Enlighten. Worth sharing. What is Scientific Socialism (SS)? How can SS aid the revolution and African culture? Scientific Socialism is applied Socialism, as opposed to Ideological Socialism, which is also called Utopianism. Scientific Socialism is based on a planned economy, which the needs of…

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