What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

Sep. 11, 2019: Episode 272 Langston Huges, Arrested Development, The Obama Catastrophe, White Immigrants, Evangelical Education, The End of History, New World Order, Jay Z, Mugabe, Flag Independence, Truth & Reconciliation Commission, Equality Between Unequals…

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New World Order: Myth Vs. Reality

Dec. 04, 2018: Episode 196 Bush’s Death, Service Dogs, Michelle Obama’s Fetish, Laissez Faire Economics, Panama Invasion, The Crack Epidemic, The 1st Iraq Invasion, LaShawn Ford for Mayor, Poor Righteous¬†Teachers, Pre-History & World Wars, Justice, Vietnam Invasion, Symbols Rituals¬†& Reality, Manly Manhood…

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There is Nothing New About the New World Order (When it Comes to Black People).

The real New World Order was imposed on Black people in the fucking 1400s! ¬† Stop parroting White Nationalist nonsense and adopt a African World View and African-Centered Historical Understanding. …and yes, I’m talking to all you cats out here pushing that Illuminant, Reptilian Overlords, degenerate Rappers using Masonic Hand Symbols, Luciferian, Mothership on the…

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