Garveyism & Self-Reparations (Part 2)

Jun. 28, 2019: Episode 254 My Kanye West Dream, Khalid Muhammad, Replicating Our Ancestors, Gov. Jay Inslee, Democratic Debate, The Maximum Wage, Racist Primary System, Black Reproduction Vs White Economics, The Market Vs Humanity, Internet Drama, Hidden Racial Barriers, Reparations Vs Economic Integration…

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Black Star Legacy: Garveyism & Self-Reparations

Jun. 26, 2019: Episode 253 Lorilightfoot, Weed Legalization, White God Complex, Governor Pritzker, Black Elite Myth, Legalization Regulation Taxation, Police Discretion, Chance the Rapper Wants to Kill Us, Gun Culture & Lead Poisoning, Balancing the POTUS Ballot, Cold Distant & Calculating, Garvey’s Agenda, Class Consciousness & the UNIA…

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