Reparations & Political Reductionism (Part 2)

NC Police Shooting, Black Democrat Power, Obama’s Lies, Fighting for the Dead, Black Capitalist, The Ghetto, Reparation Methods, Biden’s Agenda, The Black Agenda…

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Bernie Sanders & the Death of Neoliberalism (Part 2)

Mar. 2, 2020: Episode 313 Lightfoot & Columbus Day, Homeless, Immigration, Haiti, White Farmer Welfare, Hate Speech, Democratic Primary, The Great Migration, Wealth Extraction, Private Sector…

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Trumplandia: A Collective Psychosis

Dec. 04, 2019: Episode 294 Offset on Hip Hop, Chairman Fred Hampton, Post-COINTELPRO Era, Lightfoot & the CPD, Black Political Concentration, Trump & Civil War II, White Poors, Agriculturalist Vs Industrialist, Mass Shootings & Race War, How To Start A War…

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