Global Uprisings & Countermeasures

Nov. 06, 2019: Episode 286 Midnite, California Wildfires, Disaster Infrastructure, The Engine of Culture, Politicized Science, Apocolypitic Religions, Humankind Myth, UFC, Trump Boo’d, Voting, Trust Busters, Defusing Rebellion, Reparations Vs Affirmative Action…

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Love in the Time of Capitalism (Part 2)

Aug. 21, 2019: Episode 267 Burning Spear, Nat Turner, Caribbean Pan-Africanism, Sixth Mass Extinction, Fiat Currency, Hong Kong Protest, I Ain’t Snitching, Latin American Socialism, Right Vs Left Protest, White Love Standards, Value & Worth, Suffering for Money…

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Apocalypse Now: End-Time & Ecocide

Oct. 26, 2018: Episode 190 Grandma & Uncle Chris, Good Cops Vs Bad Institutions, White Folks Business, Obama’s Bail Out, Warped Emancipation, Aversion to Liberalism, Emotional Motivations, Technocratic Society, Pipe Bombs, Bro. Adofo, 12 Years to Save Civilization, Earth Liberation Front, StoneAge, Adam & Eve, Phytoplankton…

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