Black Puritanism & Straight Black Pride (Part 2)

Jan. 31, 2020: Episode 305 Geto Boyz, Exposing Leaders, Black Militant Theocrats, Debunking Kobe Conspricieis, Institutional Wealth, Cosby & Crack, Tax Return Day, Divine Authority, Take One With You…

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Black Puritanism & Straight Black Pride

Jan. 29, 2020: Episode 304 Jamaican Earthquake, Pan-Africanism, Prof. Dimah, Black COs & Wardens, Right-Wing Prison Reforms, Jay-Z’s Activism, Sexism & Racism, Irritated Genie, Common Cause…

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Contamination Within Black Liberation.

Black Puritanism, Toxic Nationalism, and Sexism contaminate the Black Liberation Struggle and the movement for Pan-Africanism. As they manifest, they can be traced back to the many cultural and behavioral contaminations we picked up during our colonization and enslavement by Western and Islamic powers.   What makes them so entrenched in the struggle and the…

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