Month: August 2019

Welfare & the Destruction of the Black Family

Apr. 17, 2019: Episode 236 Boogie Down Productions, Notre-Dame Fire, Doomsday Clock, the Process of Revolution, Black Passivity, Oppression & the Siege Mentality, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Real Christians, Reluctant Atheist, Nuclear Family, Black Classism, Sankofa Movie, Marriage Economics, Instinctual African Communalism…

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Render Unto Ceasar: The Economics of Empire

Apr. 15, 2019: Episode 235 The Secret, Snow in April, Julian Assange, Bush Administration, Corporate Corruption, Chelsia Manning, Taliban, Genocidal Hypocrisy, White Women, A Honey Pot, Cambodia Bombings, US Surveillance System, Trump’s Friends, Democracy & Capitalism, Morehouse & Westpoint, Game of Thrones & Star Wars…

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