Month: December 2018

Practical Solutions & Rational Revolution

Oct. 5, 2018: Episode 185 Broke Black Men, Cosby’s Bargain, Slave Breaking, Jim Crow, William HannibalĀ Thomas, NAACP & the Spingarn Award, Negro Colleges & Black Leadership, New Negros & Black Infiltration, Barry Obama, Amazon & $15/hr., Coal Jobs, My Appeal to Poor Racist, Class War Vs Race War, ChineseĀ DevelopmentĀ Model…  

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Celebrity Saviors & the Death of Black Leadership

Oct. 3, 2018: Episode 184 Facebook Censorship, Segregation, Corporate Sponsorship, Trump’s Inheritance, Melania in Africa, Klan Hierarchy, Hatin on Cosby, Wilding & the Central Park 5, Capitalism, Veganism, Literacy, Kanye West, Emancipation Proclamation, The New Deal, Black Republican Exodus, White Family Values & Black Vulnerability…

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Living Our Best Lies: Black Life in the Pre-Apocolypse

September 28, 2018 : Episode 183 Cosby Supporters, Black History, Obama Lovers, The Republican Brain, Single Payer, SCOTUS Appointments, Obama’s Right-Wing Policies, Reasoning with the Indoctrinated, White Welfare, Black Classism, Motherhumpers, Race First Not Race Only, Biggie Smalls, Agape Love, Respectability Politics…

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